Shine City Crew Inc

    Shine City Crew Inc is a non-profit organization with the aim of reaching out through music, artistic presentation and youth leadership development. We network with talented groups in music and arts to reach out to the community with the message of God’s love, thereby creating positive environment for inspiration and minimizing juvenile delinquency.

    Background Inspiration

    At a time and life of our highly rated economy in Canada, Regina has drawn the attention of many Canadians and new Canadians who have chosen to settle and make her their home.

    There is a need to create more fun atmosphere for non-denominational gatherings that all can enjoy.

    It becomes necessary to use the tool of music to birth a new spirit of oneness and joy towards ingesting a positive energy into the environment. The package is suitable for families and friends of all ages. Shine brings an amazing flavor of musical atmosphere, ensuing positivity with the potential to channel soul bliss for all and sundry.


    To create an avenue for Inspirational songs, Dance, Praise and Worship, short plays/films and conferences; all in a unique packaged events capable of spirit and soul lifting, thereby positively influencing people , families and the city at large.

    Shine features other talented groups and individuals from different ministries sharing their talents to bless everyone. This varies from dance, singing, choreography, piano piece, comedy etc.

    A post event CD and DVD of the event will be produced for distribution.

    Shine intends to implement programs that would provide the right healthy environment for young people willing to learn to sing, write songs/poems, record and distribute their work through partnership other service providers. This is an avenue for talent development and showcase.

    Support Shine City

    Shine City Crew Inc. hereby solicits your support for donations in cash, cheques or credit card, to help further our passion to reach our community and be a blessing to children, youths and families. This will further contribute to a highly motivating environment for everyone. Help us create opportunities as we reach out with the message of Christ through music.

    Shine Regina 2015

    Shine City Crew has held 3 consecutive concerts with the maiden edition in 2013. This has been a delight for many with Feedback such as:

    “I believe God is using this as an avenue to touch people lives and bless the city of Regina”- Sody Peterside

    “It is so amazing that you can have an event like this where so many people from different cultures and denominations can come together, for one common goal to praise Jesus and they have a great night of praise and worship….”- Melissa Onabajo

    “It’s a great event and I wish we have more of this events happening in our city”- Femi Ogunrinde

    Tonight was a great night of worship and praise in Regina and it’s so wonderful to see all the denominations coming together to worship God and to raise Him up”- Sherry Lee

    “Shine Regina is set for such a time as this”- Gabriel Araba

    Shine city crew has thrilled the Regina audience with soul lifting and inspiring songs. This fusion of speeches, poems, songs from different genres and short plays have also added colour over the years.

    The next edition is scheduled for Nov 4, 2016, in Regina and promises to be bigger, better, more exciting and inspiring, with various guests artistes to be featured. Shinecity crew on facebook will continue to provide audiences around the world with updates and upcoming events.


    Please consider supporting us today.



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